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B i o g r a p h y

Who is she?


Hege Anita is a Norwegian singer / songwriter.

Although heavily influenced by blues, jazz and soul, she has gone her own ways when it comes to creating music.

Her first album “Hege” was released in June 2017.  It is a collaboration with Irish born pianist Josh Johnston, and features a few up-tempo numbers alongside the more reflective tracks. One could say the album is a journey and a closure of things past.

She strongly believes in putting soul into both lyrics and melody, and that that is what will make a difference, not what genre music is labelled as.

Hege Anita released two Christmas songs November 2018 and is currently also spending time in Kleiva Studio in Halden recording a new, Norwegian album which is planned for release in 2020.

"I spent many a day in Her absence. In the summer I looked for Her in the acorns, in sand blushing from the waves’ caress at the end of the day. And at the edge of the woods; I dared not go in alone; I felt fear, as only a child can know fear, that I would find Her changed somehow by the shade. A ghostly, crumpled remnant of the image I held of Her in my mind.

                In the winter, I searched the tracks left by scurrying animals and in the royal northern lights. My feet took me on many treks across the ice covered lakes, frostbite threatening to kill them off one toe at a time. And at night my mind took me on even further journeys, to where I dared not go while awake. Whole years spent wandering, seeking, a vain search. And then I found Her..

              My arms are strong, but they now forever hold one weakness; Her. Yet I am without doubt; I trust in my own ability to protect Her. And there is conviction in the way we walk side by side. Courage and faith flowers in the recesses of my soul; orange hope rises up over the horizon. I will never lose Her again”

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